This exerpt was taken from Eco-Friendly Africa Travel. A blog that was put together by travellers passing through Johannesburg, South Africa and happened to stumble across the Siyakhana Project.  

Siyakhana Permaculture Food Garden

"We also visited Siyakana Permaculture Food Garden, which transformed an urban dump in 2005 into the green oasis it is today - making it one of Johannesburg's longest-runninng food gardens." 

"Mattias Kroll (incidentally Chris' cousin) is the epitome of the unconventional genius. He's been helping Siyakhana (which translated from Zulu means building one another ) with some projects - including building a solar water-heating system built almost entirely out of 2-litre plastic bottles and black plastic piping."

"The project demonstrates integrated urban food production and supports over 400 vulnerable inner city children, the elderly and infirm and those suffering from HIV/Aids.

Naturally, they're showcasing natural building and passive solar design (the field office and ablutions are built out of timber and infill panels made from a mix of highly-insulationg grasses and soils harvested on site, while north-facing with opaque windows to maximise natural lighting."

"Two Hectares of rocky, clay-filled and infertile ground at Bezuidenhout Valley Park is now home to compost toilets, the new and extensive fungi production facility, an orchid of fruit and nut trees and an incredible permaculture garden and seed bank."

-Eco-Friendly Africa Travel