It can be implimented wherever compact, sealed and safe sanitation is needed. Self-sustainable communities, ecologically friendly or enviromentally sensitive areas, locations with a high water table, and other spaces that have little or no water storage facilities. The Zerho Toilet is the cost-effective answer for situations where water-borne sanitation is not an option; and where pit latrines are traditionally used.


Significant savings in water usage with no plumbing or drilling required for installation. When this system is used with a water re-utilization and other household-water saving techniques, costs can be cut by up to 60%. The Zerho protects ground water supply and requires no chemicals. 


The dehumidified and valuable solid end product can be utilised in gardens, around trees as humic fertilizer, and added to a communal- or prepared compost trench.


The Zerho can sustain a family of 6-8 people per day. This is to ensure the faeces remains on the rotator long enough to be completely dehumidified. 


This toilet can be retro-fitted into a current home.  Burying the sump is the only portion of the Zerho where a small excavation is needed (60cmX60cm).

Once installed, any top structure can be used. No need for water pipes and reticulation.


The Zerho can be relocated or moved. It is ideal for temporary and/disaster relief applications. Total weight of a unit is 80kg. 


1 in 10 people lack access to safe water. 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet. 

A dehumidifying system is independent from conventional systems and the potential problems that could arise with ongoing droughts and water shortages.

It effectively isolates the faeces from man, animals, insects, nature and weather, which prevents the spread of most pathogens or harmful organisms. 

The Zerho is designed to be robust and easy to use, and the user's ownership, behaviour and understanding are crucial.  

The sump should be emptied of the dry and dehumidified content every 2-3 weeks of use. Urine is diverted by way of a separator built into the toilet pan. A urinal for males is fixed against the wall next to the toilet. 


The Zerho is a compact, sealed, self-contained unit that uses the power of the sun and an airflow drying process, assisted by an extractor which allows for faster-dehumidifying of the faeces, killing bacteria and harmful pathogens.