A 2015/16 study instituted by the WRC, highlighted a backlog of two million sanitation installations which currently exists in South Africa. 


This study revealed that the Zerho Toilet is one of nine waterless and low-water Sanitation Solutions 'passed' as market-ready by the South African Water Research Commission (WRC) during 2015.  See the document below.

The Zerho Business Model is based on Involvement in-, and Upliftment of Communities through Employment, Education and Skills Transfer.


This is achieved through community intervention prior to roll-out; thereby ensuring Sustainability.  Zerho's involvement in any community is focussed on the longer term, and therefore includes decentralised (local) Assembly of the Zerho;   and the Preparation of Installation Sites, Installation, Maintenance and Training of Users, being done Sustainably by the community members themselves.

The Zerho Toilet is therefore truly the Gift that keeps on giving.

We've been working with a number of Communities in the Tshwane Municipality area that already understand the commitment required; and where the requirement for Waterless Sanitation already exceed 500 units.   

Therefore:   We have a pilot site scaleable to 5000 homes; we have a market-ready product; we have a solid implementation plan;  we have transparent governance of funding.  

You can be a part of the solution!